MASON PEARSON: Yeah, you need it

mason pearson

If you've heard about Mason Pearson, then I'm sure you've also heard hundreds of testimonials that it's, quite literally, the only brush you'll ever need for the rest of your life. I've wanted one ever since I read that one of my favorite models swore by it and delved into 2 hours of 'research' (which is how most of my beauty/style obsessions come about) and then trying to justify to myself that it was totally fine to spend $100+ on a hair brush. It's a tough pill to swallow once you've committed to purchasing one, but it will change your (hair's) life. 

Mason Pearson was an actual person (with a fantastic beard) who used his engineering skills and time spent working in wool processing to invent the technology that has changed the way we brush our hair forever. That spongy pad that holds the bristles? Thank you, Mason. 

So in my opinion, here's why it's worth it (long read, tl:dr at the end 😏)- 

mason pearson

THE TECHNOLOGY: Not only are these brushes each handmade and expertly crafted, but the technology behind the design itself is incredibly well thought out.

- First off, the bristles themselves - The combination of nylon and boar help to give your hair that perfect styled shine without looking flat or frizzing up a storm, which is also thanks to the particular lengths of the bristles. Plus, the ideal amount of bristles  spacing helps the brush to glide through your hair rather than tugging which can lead to your hair losing it's elasticity (aka that beautiful bounce!). 

- Secondly, the curved pad of the brush not only makes it feel way nicer than a normal brush, but also giving your roots a little boost of volume. Also, the design of the handle and the incredible durability. The handle is the perfect size to fit comfortably in your hand for an all over brushing, but thin and flat enough to work for more particular places like styling your bangs. 

- Third, when people say this brush will last you forever - they mean it. Do a quick search (or ask anyone who's heard of a Mason Pearson before) and guaranteed you'll hear at least one story of someone who's had it since a child, most usually a gift from their mother or grandmother who also used one all of their life. It's that kind of loyalty that keeps the Mason Pearson name going strong. 

mason pearson

THE FEEL: Through my recent experience, all of the above is 100% true. The first time I used it, I wasn't sure what to expect - I mean, it's a hairbrush, how life changing could this honestly be? Although, for that much $$$, it damn well better be. 10/10 would buy again (although I won't need to, ha!). 

A little history of me and brushes: there basically is none because I don't brush my hair; I like my rattiness. Immediately I was impressed with how smooth it was going through my hair. In the few experiences I've had with standard brushes, it's a whole lot of delicately brushing up my hair to desperately try and minimize breakage and ripping it all out because of all my tangles. Not this time - it was just.. easy, and quick, and for once, PAINLESS. Even the almost dread forming in the back of my head came out with total ease. In the end, I'd say there was only a total of maybe 30 strands of hair pulled out. To me, that seems unheard of. I'm used to tumbleweed-esque piles. 

THE LOOK: So aside from breakage and sheer laziness, the other reason I never brushed my hair was because I hated how it looked afterward. Super fluffy (not in a cute way), frizzy as hell, and it seemed to somehow make me lose the natural wave that I love so much. 

After using the Mason Pearson brush.. tbh, I almost don't even know how to describe it well enough. It looked shiny, it looked healthy, it held the shape of my natural curls perfectly - it looked like it had been professionally styled. I kid you not, all of this from a frickin' hair brush. I. AM. SOLD. And you definitely will be, too. 

I brushed before bed and when I woke up (almost) late for work the next day, I was more than thankful because I didn't have to do a single thing to my hair. It looked amazing all day. If you're brushing in the morning, I'd suggest spritzing on a little B&B Cityswept and then finishing off with the R+Co foil throughout to hold in the shine from brushing and minimize any potential leftover frizz. 

mason pearson

Handy - $150Pocket - $105
(Available in dark ruby, white, baby pink, and baby blue)


(tl:dr - the exact spacing, amount, and material of the bristles is specifically designed to not tear up your hair and in fact, gives you a fresh out of the salon look and feel. So yeah, it's worth it.)