When many of our customers and clients walk into the salon, the first thing they gush about is the decor, which has been made so incredible due to the awesome Portland creatives we've had the pleasure of working with (🙌 shout out to all the babes  🙌). Our most recent collaboration can only be described as akin to when you finally find THE leather jacket - you've been searching your whole life for ~the one~ The one that has the perfect fit, the perfect aesthetic.. the one that feels like home when you put it on. That's how we feel about working with Celeste Rodero as DIGDOGDIG for an uber cool window display - it just felt right. 

In doing this project, we found ourselves wanting to get to know Celeste and her brand even more, and what better way than to interview her for the blog? Let's just say, that leather jacket feeling has only been solidified more with her perfect responses: 

A/S/L: 28, Female, Portland, OR
TEEN CRUSH: Zac Hanson
DRAKE vs. MEEK: Drake, simply because Meek didn't bring any rap game in his defense and that's really what it's about. However, I really like and am happy for Meek, I think he's in love and that's why he's not focused on his anger or retaliating, which is really what has fueled most of his work, but Drake wins this time. Sorry, Meek. 

Q: What inspired you to create DIGDOGDIG? 
A: I created DIGDOGDIG as a bored college student in 2009. It began as a blog, slowly became a jewelry line, then a home-objects line and now has collaborations with other artists and brands all over the world. I look at DIGDOGDIG as somewhat of a stage name, it's an extension of me, but it isn't fully me and because of that, DIGDOGDIG allows me to express myself in new ways. 

Q: You’re pieces are deeply inspired by nature- where’s your favorite place to reset and get a fresh perspective? 
A: I'm not going to lie, I am 85% of an indoor kid. Nature speaks to me in a way I can only articulate through my work, whether that be photography, a specific piece inspired by a natural structure or landscape, or just that incredible feeling of how nature can make you feel alone and a part of it all at the same time. I'd say that the ocean is where I find most of my inspiration. I was born in Hawaii, but grew up in Virginia - traveling back and forth for 20+ years of my life. Experiencing that duality, heavily influenced my life and spending time on the Big Island, Hawaii has always been a tremendous gift. As the Hawaiian islands are one of the most isolated places on earth, surrounded by the ocean, I have spent a lifetime being inspired by that concept and much of my work relates to what I have experienced in, around, over or with the ocean.  


Q: Would you rather.. listen to one song for the rest of your life (if so, please specify) or never be able to listen to a song more than once ever again? 
A: I tend to get obsessed with songs and love to explore them repeatedly, then I let them go. If I had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of my life it would probably be La Ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier, I think it's one of the best love songs and always charges my heart up whenever I listen to it. 

Q: Are their any phrases or quotes that have really stuck with you over the years? 
A: Yes, definitely. Through DIGDOGDIG I have created "anthems" to push through life :


Q: Which artists / people are you most inspired by? 
A: This question is always hard to answer because I am inspired by everything and everyone. I am constantly trying to learn from the people around me, even if I don't agree or like them, ha. I am most definitely inspired by my partner, David. He is a very intelligent person and although we have aligned core values, we find and exercise them in such different ways and I learn something new from him every day. I am inspired by people who are comfortable with who they are and what they do and are still kind, understanding, and giving. I find those people to be quite rare and when I find them, whether in books, through art work or in person - I cherish them. Some of my favorite inspriations are : Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Rick Owens, Eva Hesse, James Turrell, Carlo Rivetti, Le Corbusier, just to name a few. 

Q: If you could collaborate with anyone on a special DIGDOGDIG project, who would it be and why? 
A: Honestly, I would absolutely love to work for Rick Owens and Michele Lamy. DIGDOGDIG wouldn't even have to be a part of it, I would be happy to be in their studio doing behind the scenes work, even bitch work. Seriously. That would be a dream. I know they both have a lot to offer and as a couple dominating their medium and visions is very exciting to me. They are unforgiving in who they are and what they do and love each other while doing so and share a unique outlook to the rest of us. Many people told them "no" and that only turned into "YES" with their strong belief in their work and that is something I identify with and am inspired by. 

Q: We’re super excited about the pieces you’re creating for the salon, which play upon reflection - can you elaborate a little on the specific shapes / elements that you chose and why? 
A: Yes. I've been playing around with mirrors for the past six months as a means to relate with nature. I think mirrors definitely serve as a means of vanity, which can be good or bad, but with my mirror project (#digdogdigreflection on Instagram) - I want to challenge myself and others to "see" themselves without actually seeing themselves. With the pieces for the window - I wanted the reflection aspect to be a part of it as a means of sharing light in new ways and also playing around with what they may reflect in the space, faces, body parts, furniture, etc. 

I designed three specific pieces for my collaboration with G+A, which are lightly based and inspired by The Three Sisters region of Oregon. Inspired by nature, these pieces have shapes/symbols that represent each mountain : North Sister "Faith", Middle Sister "Hope" and South Sister "Charity". Simply, the black circles define each one - Norther Sister has the black circle at the top, Middle Sister has the black circle in the middle and South Sister has the black circle at the bottom. Each has different shapes that came to be based on the different descriptions of each mountain.


Q: Current obsession? Guilty or otherwise
A: I'm obsessed with plastic acrylic, the color black, and Young Thug. 

Q: Last watched on your Netflix: 
A: Freaks and Geeks for the millionth time. 


The beauty of Celeste's designs are one of those rare enigmas that can only be truly appreciated when it's staring you in the face, collecting and bouncing the light, and swaying to reflect different images across the acrylic and mirrored pieces like a projector screen. We'll also be carrying select jewelry pieces in the salon soon, so come on in and admire ✨