CROWN is an answer to our hairdresser prayers! We now have validation from hair leader R+Co that yes; in fact, scalp exfoliation is an essential component in the health of your hair. The scalp is the second most absorbent part of your exterior, next to the forehead. That surprised us, too! Taking up toxins from the environment, fragrances, buildup, etc... can wreak havoc on your hair… SLOUGH that OFF!

Crown is the newcomer to R+Co’s ingenious line. A soothing scrub designed to ‘detoxify, cleanse and balance your scalp’ - thus improving the health of your hair. 

The concept, photography and product are all exemplary. R+Co is an inventive brand that continues to draw us deeper into it. The packaging master-mind, Amanda Wall, is nothing short of amazing - a true visionary. Looking at the overall picture of the brand, R+Co is absolutely a culture we can get behind.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands in it. We know that you’re going to love it!